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As we all are in to Shraavan maas and doing Shivji abhishek and getting ready for Ganesh Chaturthi aka Ganpati Mahotsav, Please read this and see if it is really necessary?

Recently, I read that Mumbai city government is working on feeling pot holes because Ganpati Mahotsav is coming. Article also claim that this is done every year prior to Mahotsav. So, my thought is that if Ganpati Mahotsav does not come, than, city government do not have to fill or repair roads?

I also read that City of Rajkot where they also have announced that they will maintain cleanliness around Ramnath Mandir and nearby river. They will move growing grass, as well as keep clean during shraavan maas as many devotee will visit Shivji. Why now? Why only during Shraavan Maas? Is Shivji has special request like if you do not clean then I am not coming or such? Does Shivji is asking devotee to do milk abhishek or do 1 million+ Bilipatra? Also, why city government has to do this? Why not Mandir trustee or all of those vendors around Mandir who help create most of garbage?
This question arises to any Mandir or Durgah. Does your BHAGWAAN (whoever you believe in or worship) really asking you to do abhishek? Are they  asking you to bring tons of prasaad? Are they asking you to bring flowers & other natural resources?

On same note, every Saturday, most of us go to Hanumaanji Mandir. Does anyone realize how much oil (tel) we waste on Hanumaanji? In southern India, Poojari are walking around with tel. As soon as you enter mandir, they will handed to you tel for you to diva or abhishek. In return they are seeking hefety Daxina from you. Is this really something Hanumaanji want or is this something they are in business off? Imagine all the tel we spent on Hanumaanji can be utilize lite up some poor family!!!!

Going back to my initial statement – “Is it necessary to create Garbage”. The way I see is: every gallon of milk for shivji abhishek we use, where does it end up? Thousands and thousands of Bilipatra we use where does it end up? Many will use flowers, after day or two, can you imagine their odor? Tel that goes on Hanumaanji, where does this end up?

Long time ago, my daughter have ask me “Why churches are cleaner than our Mandir?”
My answer to this is that Church has Jesus Christ and Mother Mary who do not get Abhishek with Milk or tel. They do not get ‘tons’ of fruits and sweets as prasaad. Churches do not have coconut cracking at Jesus.

Last thing: How many time you are at temple and floor is sticky and/or sleepary because someone has spilled tel or drop prasaad on floor?

My dear friends: It is time that we change ourselves. It is time to recognize what is better. Having all of those billipatra on tree or all of those flowers remain on plant does give more beauty to nature and environment. Having tel or milk donate to food bank will help those who need most.

Remember: GOD made you HUMAN to follow HUMANITY. GOD does not want your money, Milk, Tel or any other resources. So, let’s stop ‘showing off’ at mandir or durgah. Let’s stop creating garbage in name of GOD. To earn Poonya, let’s serve what GOD want us to be served which is HUMANITY.

PS: Any devotee may get offended by my thoughts, please ask your GOD to forgive me.

-Sanjay na Jai Shree Raam
-સંજય ના જય શ્રી રામ
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