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God Almighty is very kind, loving and full of justice. No one gets treated unjustly. Many people think that God has been unjust to them because they don’t really know what is right and what is wrong-that is the real reason so many feel God has been unjust.

For example, we know one soul, whom we will call Suresh. He was very popular on Earth and was quite famous. He had made donations of thousands of rupees to various charities. He created jobs and donated clothing, homes, and food to many, so he was absolutely certain he would go to the highest Realm. When he died on Earth, a grand funeral was held in his memory and people kept speaking of what a good soul he was. A statue of Suresh was erected in the charitable institute he had helped establish.

When he came to the spirit world he found himself on a low Realm. He was furious and shouted, “Where is God’s justice? I gave so much to charity-people actually worshiped me on Earth-and God put me in this hell! Why? Where is His justice? He is most unkind and unjust. He is cruel.”

Many good souls went to him and told him to calm down and listen to the reasoning behind this situation. They told him to ask himself why he acted so charitably-what was his motive?

He said, “I did those things so that I could go to heaven, but look at where I am.”

The good souls explained to him, “Your act was not selfless. You did all of this to secure a place in heaven for yourself, isn’t that true?”

He said, “Yes it is true, but don’t our holy people, priests, and philosophers say that if you help poor people and give them shelter, food and jobs, you will go to heaven? God, the priests and all the philosophers have fooled me.”

They explained to Suresh that God Almighty had not fooled him, but rather he had fooled himself, as whatever he had done was not out of generosity. His deeds were neither good nor selfless. He did them for his own selfish motive, which was to go to heaven by bribing God after having committed sins. He had only been charitable to wipe away his sins.

He was furious and said, “This is wrong. I was done a great injustice. I should be in heaven. I deserve to be in heaven as I did so many good things to wipe away my sins, to gain heavenly bliss. Instead, God fooled me and is keeping me here.”

He was so shocked to be in such a low Realm that he was unable to think straight. He cursed the priests, holy men and God, but he did not realize that the sins he had committed could not be wiped away by the selfish motive of giving thousands in charity.

You have to pay for your sins no matter how much you give in charity. Nothing will wipe away your sins except real, heartfelt repentance and somehow repaying the person you harmed. So you see, many people have the wrong notion that because they have given thousands in donations they will go to heaven. If you do good deeds with that motive forget about seeing heaven, as you will never even reach heaven’s doorstep. You can be sure of that.

One Response to God’s Justice : From my reading by Sanjay

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